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Silica Sands

Mineral Technologies delivers a range of proven technologies and expertise for Silica Sands beneficiation including: testing and flowsheet development; plant design; supply of process equipment, commissioning and training.

Overview of Silica Sands Beneficiation
Silica Sand processing generally includes screening followed by a number of stages of gravity separation, magnetic separation, attritioning, classification and sometimes froth flotation.

Advances in classification and gravity separation have improved the recovery of silica sand for glass manufacture whilst maintaining the highest levels of product quality. Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS) have the capability of removing the para-magnetic minerals and are usually preceded by Wet Low Intensity Drum Magnets to remove magnetite.

The installation of MD Model MG6.3 Spiral Separators in a rougher / cleaner configuration and an Up-Current classifier to remove the fines fraction and micaceous material due to its low specific gravity and particle shape can simplify otherwise complicated and expensive processing alternatives.

Equipment Selection

  • MG6.3 Spiral Separators – six turns / three starts with variable trough profile, main and auxiliary splitters with repulpers fitted
  • Up-Current Classifier – with its ability to make sharp separations and remove platey micaceous material
  • Reading WHIMS – ability to remove para-magnetic minerals


  • Simplified process circuit
  • Low processing costs
  • High overall recoveries in the required size range
  • Consistent product grade
  • Efficient water consumption
  • Minimum maintenance requirements